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36 Weeks and One Perfect Room.

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I say “one perfect room” because the rest of our place is a Hot.  Mess.

But last Saturday…(drum roll please) We finished the baby’s room!

It was a long ass day, and my feet, ankles and legs were SO swollen and gross by the end of it.  But we are done!  So without further ado…here are way too many pictures of his “Vintage Beach” room!

Walking into his room...

Walking into his room…

Sign above his door from my mom.

Sign above his door from my mom.

Close-up of the sign.

Close-up of the sign.

His beach bum sign from my Aunt.  Made by Simply Pallets on Etsy.

His beach bum sign from my Aunt. Made by Simply Pallets on Etsy.

His crib and bedding.

His crib and bedding.

(In case you were wondering, US crib bedding will fit on a Swiss Ikea crib.)

Love this little corner.

Love this little corner.

Landon's Vintage Beach Room

Cube shelves from Coop Brico, frames and RV bird houses from

Cube shelves from Coop Brico, frames and RV bird houses from

A poster I had from a long time ago.  The lizard is from Gtmo and I gave it to D back in the day.  The frame is from Ikea.

A poster I had from a long time ago. The lizard is from Gtmo and I gave it to D back in the day. The frame is from Ikea.

Now this poster was kind of a PITA.  I couldn’t find a frame to fit it really.  The frame I got from Ikea was originally a collage frame, that we tried to center the poster on as best we could.

Pretty much in love with this little table!  It was free!  D sanded it, I painted and distressed it, and he spray painted the handles.  Gotta love "other people's trash!"

Pretty much in love with this little table! It was free! D sanded it, I painted and distressed it, and he spray painted the handles. Gotta love “other people’s trash!”

HIs dresser/changing table and decor above.

His dresser/changing table and decor above.

Landon's Vintage Beach Room, The Swiss Wife Style

Another cube shelf, with faux starfish "BABY" letters from my shower cake, and some rare cobalt blue beach glass from Gtmo.

Another cube shelf, with faux starfish “BABY” letters from my shower cake, and some rare cobalt blue beach glass from Gtmo.

A closer look.

A closer look.

Cute anchor basket I received at my shower, with his toys in it.  Behind, his bath products.  Mostly Honest Co. from my mom.

Cute anchor basket I received at my shower, with his toys in it. Behind, his bath products. Mostly Honest Co. from my mom.

Frame from Coop Brico, with a little map of the islands of Turks and Caicos that we got on our Honeymoon!  Almost 5 years later, we've finally done something with it!

Frame from Coop Brico, with a little map of the islands of Turks and Caicos that we got on our Honeymoon! Almost 5 years later, we’ve finally done something with it!

Anchor hook I had for a long time, with a sea-glass heart I made years ago.

Anchor hook I had for a long time, with a sea-glass heart I made years ago.

Painting I did at one of those painting classes, last time I visited Gtmo last October.

Painting I did at one of those painting classes, last time I visited Gtmo last October.

Another Coop Brico frame, with a print I received at my shower.

Another Coop Brico frame, with a print I received at my shower.

Fishing net from Coop Brico, with his stuffed animals.  Hamper from Ikea.

Fishing net from Coop Brico, with his stuffed animals. Hamper from Ikea.

His "closet."  From Ikea.

His “closet.” From Ikea.

Sailor Jerry bottle half way filled with beach glass, frame from my BFF, and Vulture from Gtmo.

Sailor Jerry bottle half way filled with beach glass, frame from my BFF, and Vulture from Gtmo.

Years (and years) ago in Gtmo, someone used to make these "signs" out of these dried up bean pods from trees that grow there.  The other side of this one says "Bettiann's Room" because it was mine way back in the day!  We're not really religious, but I thought it was a nice touch for his room.

Years (and years) ago in Gtmo, someone used to make these “signs” out of these dried up bean pods from trees that grow there. The other side of this one says “Bettiann’s Room” because it was mine way back in the day! We’re not really religious, but I thought it was a nice touch for his room.

And finally, his Gtmo Letter Art.

And finally, his Gtmo Letter Art.

Whew!  Are you still with me?!!

So yeah, that was Saturday!  Then we went over the IL’s for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day.  We gave D’s dad this shirt:

"Lolo" = what Filipinos call their grandfather.

“Lolo” = what Filipinos call their grandfather.

And I iced my feet and ankles to try and get some of the swelling down!

The glamorous life...

The glamorous life…

The next day (actual Father’s Day) D received a few gifts from my folks and me.  I figured about a month away from being a dad in the physical sense was close enough!

From me...

From me…

Father's Day Gifts, The Swiss Wife Style

The t-shirts will be too big for quite some time, but since D had the Cobra Kai shirt already, I had to get it.  And he has quite a few “Rocky” shirts, plus I’m originally from the Philly area so…  I got them, and the  onesie  from Zulily.

Gifts from my folks.

Gifts from my folks.

And here’s the shirt we had made for my dad:

Proud Pop!

Proud Pop!

My dad’s name is Don King, so Landon is sorta named after him!

Also last weekend we picked out 2 possible “coming home outfits” for Landon.  Depending on his size.

Possible coming home outfits, The Swiss Wife Style

On Monday I had a dinner with all the other Girl Scout troop leaders.  It was bittersweet since I won’t be a leader anymore!  It’s been fun the last 2 years.  Here’s what I wore…

Getting creative with fashion...

Getting creative with fashion…

And I’ve started taking bare belly pics, so I can see if/when he “drops.”  Nothing so far I don’t think…

Last week (L) vs this week.

Last week (L) vs this week.

Also, yesterday I had my 2nd chiropractic appointment.  I don’t really think it helped :(  I still have this deep-rooted pain in my lower right back.  I go back on Friday.  But yesterday was the first time I ever had stuff “cracked!”  It was so weird!  Other than that he did some stretching, massage and put what felt like a floor buffer on my lower back/butt.  I wonder what Landon was thinking when that was going on!??  We went out to dinner last night to celebrate my BIL’s birthday, and I had to park kind of far away and walk down a big hill. Then sat for a few hours in the restaurant…so unfortunately when we got home, my back was in worse shape than ever!  I could barely walk!  Today it feels better than that, but still not great.    I hope it goes away after I give birth and lose a little weight.  I’m guessing it’s just from the fact that I am carrying all this extra weight and my body’s just not used to it..?  Plus Landon seems to prefer hanging out on the ride side, so I’m guessing that’s why it’s on the right.  Of course, what do I know?!!

So, that’s about it!  I can’t believe next week I’ll be full term!  Absolute craziness.  I keep looking out for possible signs that things are moving along, but nothing really.  Just a few moments of what feels like minor cramps, similar to when your period is about to start.  I hope he doesn’t decide to keep us waiting too long!

35 weeks! And baby shower.

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I can’t believe I’m at 35 weeks!  That means 35 days to go until my due date!  Cue freak out!

now_panic_and_freak_out__by_jweinstock-d3hvgozAnd this is how I feel:



I’ve been having some pretty wicked back pain lately.  It’s only on the right side.  This morning, I finally emailed a chiropractor’s office.  Hopefully someone will actually get back in touch with me, and I can get some relief soon.  It’s really become a hindrance in the last few days.  I feel like I have so much to do around here, but I can’t spend too much time on my feet without being in agony.  And the hobbling around is just ridiculous.  I have taken the equivalent of Tylenol two times, but it doesn’t seem to help that much.  And it’s not a pain that can be massaged away, it feels deep.  So that’s my biggest complaint.

On Saturday, I had my baby shower!  Like I said before, I had been wondering for years if I would ever get to have one, and finally it was here!  Originally, I wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted to have the most “normal” experience as I could, and from what I was used to in the US, that meant a surprise party.  But it just seemed too stressful for D and his mom (who were planning it) so I was just like whatever.  I had to let go of previous expectations.  Living here, things aren’t going to be like how I am used to, and I really was grateful that I was getting a shower at all.  So, whatever.  I know D’s mom worked really hard and stressed about it , and it turned out great!

Before heading over.  Dress by Mamalicious.   Bought from

Before heading over. Dress by Mamalicious. Bought from

It was a beachy-baby boy theme, here’s some pics that D took before the party started.

Gifts sent from family and friends (mostly my mom) in the US.

And my awesome husband actually made the cake!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe made it because A-we needed a vegan cake, and the options were very limited.  Like, there were only 2 people in the area who said they could do vegan cakes.  (And who knew if they’d actually taste good?)  And B-the one lady who actually got back to him wanted like 300 Swiss Francs for it!  So…yeah.  He did a practice cake a while back, and then made this one over 2 days.  (NIght before my shower, and the day of.)  We had 12 ladies at the shower, and then even some of the husbands came towards the end, and we still had a bit left over.  It ended up being a perfect size, and everyone was so impressed with his skills!  (He baked 2 nine inch rounds, and stacked them, in case anyone wants to know!)  The only thing I did was paint the “BABY” letters a while back.  They are just little cardboard block letters from the craft store.

So, I ended up getting a lot of awesome gifts.  There were so many from friends and family in the US, that we had to bring them home to open later.

I would however, not recommend using BabyList for your baby registry.  It seemed too confusing for people.  (I may or may not have received 3 sets of bedding…)

Here’s a few of my favorite things:

Absolutely LOVE this! From my “Aunt’ in NJ. It’s from Simply Pallets on Etsy.

From my mom. Made by GTMO Letter Art.

One of my old friends from high school and her mom sent these, among other things.

Another one from my mom, not sure of where she got it. We want to hang it outside of his room.

So as you can see, we have a lot of decorating to do!  I’m hoping to get it all done by the end of this coming weekend.  I am really feeling the pressure!  I also have to pack my hospital bag, look for nice-ish PJs for my hospital stay, order a belly bandit, clean our room, clean the rest of the place….argh!

As for symptoms besides back pain…

Belly button is still in!

No stretch marks (yet!)  In the very beginning, I tried using Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion, but the particular one I got had a smell that made me want to gag.  So then I just used plain, unscented lotion for a while.  When I started getting big, I began using this oil.  This one smells a lot, but it didn’t bother me at that point.  I had it forever, and was glad to be finally using it up.  When I ran out of that, I got this one.  This one has a nice light scent, that reminds me of what they use when you get a massage.  I really lather it on at night after every shower.  And in the morning when I get dressed I put regular lotion on as well.  We’ll see if I escape the stretch marks!

Since it’s now summer pretty much, my feet and hands have started to swell.  Most days when I try, I can still wear my regular rings, but I have fakes for the days when it’s just not happening.  Also, if I’m on my feet a lot, they will swell pretty bad.  It took 2 days for them to return to normal after my shower.  On the days when my feet and ankles are swollen, I will ice them for 20 minutes at a time.

I don’t think I’ve gotten any Braxton Hicks contractions.  I’ve had a few fleeting moments of what feels like menstrual cramps, but it’s happened maybe 3 times, and lasted less than a minute.  So who knows!?

And we’ve already talked about the back pain..  :(

I can’t believe I’m at the point where it’s not toooo big of a deal if he comes early.  The reason I say this is because I remember my doctor telling me I could still go to the clinic to deliver as long as it was 35 weeks or after.  Not that I want him to come this early, no way!  His official due date is July 21.  My birthday is July 8, so I think I’d be fine any time after that :)  Guess we’ll find out more at my next appointment!

Weird pregnancy things.

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I feel like every blogger has one of those “things they don’t tell you” posts when it comes to pregnancy.  So yeah, this is one of those!

Just odd little things I’ve noticed throughout the past 8 months, take it with a grain of salt!  ;)

-Buy toilet paper and tissues in bulk.  Seriously.  I knew that my nose would be stuffy from pregnancy, (luckily it hasn’t been that bad) but what I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of weird stuff that would be coming out of there.  Over the last 8 months, I’ve probably spent hours (collectively) blowing my nose, and examining the contents.  It’s kind of fascinating, and really satisfying when you finally blow that one chunk out that’s really been bothering you.  Gross I know, but I figure we should get used to gross things now, eh?

Also, I got my first nose bleed around 9 weeks.  I am not one who gets nose bleeds like, ever.  I knew it could happen as a pregnancy symptom.  I don’t know if me being on blood thinners made this problem worse or not.

And of course, you pee a lot!  And sometimes your “number 2s” go through a weird phase when you need like half a roll of toilet paper after.  Or maybe that was just me.  In either case, stock up now. Like a whole closet dedicated to TP and tissues would be a good idea.  Not even kidding.  (Pick up some wet wipes while you’re at it!)

Speaking of blowing your nose…

-It’s easier to blow your nose while sitting down.  This little habit of mine started pretty early.  I just felt more comfortable sitting while getting all the good stuff out.  Maybe it was because my abs got weak from lack of exercise, but I just felt more stable down there while blowing if I was sitting down.  It’s weird.

And speaking of sitting…

-Put a chair in your bathroom if you can, and have room.  In the first trimester I was So.  Damn.  Tired.  Standing to do my hair and makeup was just too much.  Of course if you’re fancy, and have a vanity (I’m jealous) this takes care of this problem.

And while we’re on the subject of doing hair…

-Just ask your partner for help.  At one point, lifting my arms above my head to blow dry my hair was just too much for my poor, tired little body.  I had to have D hold and point the blow dryer, while I ran the brush through my hair.  Also,  later when your tummy gets too big, you’re not going to be able to paint those piggies on your own!  And I am too afraid to get pedicures, since there’s some point on your leg/ankle that is not to be touched, since it can cause contractions.  So D has actually become a pedicure perfectionist!  It’s quite nice, and I think I’m going to try and get him to do it forever ;)

Speaking of bending over…

-Around the 7ish month mark, bending over to pick stuff up off the floor became an Olympic event.  A few weeks ago, I gave up washing my feet.  My feet/the ground seem miles away, and when I see something I need to pick up, I really have to psych myself out for it.  It’s NOT easy!  I finally got one of those scrubbies on a stick to wash my feet (and ok, calves and shins too.)  So much easier.  Invest now!

-Start getting waxed early.  I go through phases where I’m really good about getting waxed every month.  Well for the last year, I have NOT been in one of those phases, unfortunately.  I wish I would have started going early, so that I would be established in a good once a month routine by now.  I think my reluctance to find a new waxer/talk on the phone has had something to do with this.  It’s my own fault really.  Now I can’t even see down there and I have no idea what’s going on.  Blindly wielding a razor near my important bits doesn’t seem like a great idea, and I’ve already been putting my poor husband through enough.  When I went to the pool recently, I precariously stood in my tub, on a towell to prevent slipping, while using the open bathroom mirror to try and guide myself.  Such a pain in the ass. Now I need to let it grow enough so I can go get it waxed.  Learn from my mistakes, don’t let this happen to you.

Oh, and on the subject of hair growth…

-Everyone tells you that your hair is the most luxurious it will ever be while you’re pregnant.  Well I haven’t noticed this.  Something that I have noticed, however (and I find much more of a plus) is that my leg hair grows so much slower!  In the summer, I usually would shave every other day, but my legs would be spiky the next day, or even like 10 hours after shaving.  Now I can go every 3 days.  I could probably go longer if I wanted. It’s pretty amazing.  I’m constantly telling D to “feel my legs, I shaved 2 days ago!”  I wish this strange and wonderful symptom upon every pregnant woman!

Well, these are just some weird and wacky things that I’ve noticed throughout my pregnancy.  Everyone is different though, so feel free to share yours!  :)

34 weeks and a big boy.

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Hi there!  I can’t believe that we are at 34 weeks!  That means 6 weeks (more or less!) to go!  And I have my baby shower this Saturday!  After all this time (years) wondering if I’d ever get to have a baby shower, it’s finally almost here!  It’s like a right of passage :)

So here’s what we’ve been up to!

On Thusday of last week, I finally went to one of the pools around here for the first time ever!  I went with a girl, and her little girl, who live in the next town over.  She is originally from California, and we had been meaning to get together for a while.  We had been having some really nice weather last week!  We didn’t go til later in the day, but it was still nice.  It tends not to reach it peak hot-ness here til around 4-5pm.  It felt great to finally get in the water, even if it was a bit cold!  This week, the weather hasn’t been as nice, but I’m hoping to go back a few times before Landon gets here.

We were supposed to have our child birth class on Saturday, but that morning they called and said they were way too busy.  :(  I guess the heat made a lot of women go into labor?!  We were kinda bummed, but I was able to reschedule for a few weeks time. We decided to enjoy the day and go out to lunch by the lake in Lausanne.  We were both craving pizza.  The waitress thought we were a little funny ordering pizza with no cheese, but whatev.  I got mushroom and black olives and it really hit the spot!  I finished the whole thing. It was great to sit back, enjoy the weather, and people watch.  Lately, we’ve been trying to have little dates here and there while we can.  After the baby comes, I have a feeling it will take me a while to feel like going out at all.



Lunch date, The Swiss Wife Style

33 weeks, 4 days.

33 weeks, 4 days.

Later that day I started painting a little table for the baby’s room, and we stayed outside and enjoyed more of the good weather.  For dinner we grilled.

Dinner, The Swiss Wife Style

Grilled watermelon and arugula salad, paprika smoked cauliflower, vegan bratwurst , stuffed mushrooms, and a handsome chef!

Sunday was super busy.  In the morning, I had our last Girl Scout event of the year, the bridging ceremony and pot luck lunch.  I made these really cute jam filled cookies, that I totally forgot to take a picture of!  Bummer.  Then later that day we had our friends’ daughter’s first birthday party.  She was such a cutie!  It was great to see some of our friends, but towards the end I was feeling super hot and tired!

On Monday we had our doctor’s appointment.  I had my first cervical check (um, ouch…) and the GBS swab.  We also got to see our little man again!

baby profile, 34 weeks, the Swiss Wife Style

34 weeks profile shot.

 Hello there!

Hello there!

Luckily, Landon decided to be a good little boy, and is now head down!  The doctor said he weighs 6 lbs already!  I go back in 3 weeks, and he said if he continues to grow at this above average rate, we might have to talk about inducing early!  I was only 6 lbs 8oz at birth!  Also he told me to stop the Clexane injections.  It’s been really weird not doing them!  I was nervous to stop, because I was afraid it would have a negative effect on the baby.  But so far he’s moving just the same as always, and the doctor feels confidant that I don’t need them anymore.  I am still taking Aspirin until 36 weeks though.

Also, I have gained 35 lbs / 16 kg!  I now weigh over 150 lbs!  I am really not worried about it, and I was technically borderline “underweight” when I got pregnant, so from what I’ve read I can expect to gain about 40 all in all, which puts me about on track I guess.  But coming from someone with a past of disordered eating, it is just so bizarre to weigh this much, and be pretty much OK with it!  Because of my miscarriage history, I was too afraid to really do any sort of exercising throughout the pregnancy.  Plus I could barely even lift my head during the first trimester…or eat anything for that matter.  I only gained 4 lbs during that time.  The only exercise I did get was when I still had dogs boarding here, and I would walk them.  But that’s been done since last month.  Do I love having the extra weight on me?  No, it’s uncomfortable to tell you the truth.  I keep saying to D, I don’t know how people who just gain weight do it, because I can really feel the strain of being heavier.  I feel the way it affects my breathing, my movement, everything.  But at least it’s all for a great cause :)

So yeah, like I said I’m not really worried about it.  Probably around September I’ll start to think about getting back into the gym.

I slept really poorly on Monday night, (extra weight!  haha.  Can we say hip pain?!)  so Tuesday I pretty much did nothing.  I did make a Babies R Us run to pick up a few things that hadn’t been taken from our registry.  Mostly bath towels, which promptly got washed and now need to be put away.

And today, I have done absolutely nothing!  Lazy city over here.

So there you have it.  I don’t know why our next appointment isn’t for 3 weeks.  I was under the impression that I’d be seen every 2 weeks from here on out.  I’m puzzled….Hopefully baby stays put!  I really should pack my hospital bag, just in case!  ;)

34 weeks today.

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I am trying to write a post, but is WordPress being an absolute ass for anyone else!?  I really can’t take it right now!  So hopefully I will be able to finish my draft tomorrow or something, because right now it’s just not happening!

33 Weeks

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I figure I should at least be able to keep up with weekly updates.

I mean, you would think…but we’ll see.

Well today I hit 33 weeks!  It’s been a while since I’ve “seen” my boy, but we’ll get to do that next week.

Not much has changed since my update yesterday (har har.)

I went to a Moms and Moms to Be meetup today.  I was lucky to stumble upon this group online.  If you live in or around Lausanne you should definitely join!  It’s a great way to meet people!  It’s amazing because it’s been hard to meet people in the almost 5 years that I’ve lived here, and as soon as you’re part of the parenting (or soon to be parenting) community, it’s like this whole other door opens up for you.

But anyway, now I’m pretty tired, lazy and useless.  I find that these days, doing one thing is my limit.  So today I went to the meetup, and now I’m saving my energy for when I have to make dinner.  (Pasta with jarred sauce, so inspiring.)  The last few weeks I’ve even started having the groceries delivered.  It’s pretty amazing actually.

Other things annoying me these days are my neighbor’s kids.  Just throwing that out there.

At the moment I have a head, or a butt poking out of the front/right side of my stomach.

My belly button gets put to the test daily.  As D says, it’s holding on ( to being an innie) by a thread.  It’s starting to look a little…puffy…?

That’s all for now!

Still here, and yes everything’s fine!

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I know in the past, my long periods of silence were not a good thing, as I’d usually come back with bad news. But this time I’m happy to report that I’ve just been lazy!  I don’t even know where to start…I need to consult my records (Facebook) to see what’s been going on these last few months!  Bear with me as I try to “nutshell” all of it :) So, about the time I returned back to Switzerland from the US after the holidays, I was 13 weeks: 13w, The Swiss Wife Style 14w01d, The Swiss Wife Style I was super stoked to be into the 2’nd trimester, but I was still feel pretty poopy most days.  Around 16ish weeks, I finally started to feel better.  I had been waiting for the “magical 2nd trimester” to start, and looking back, it was great!  Although I was still lazy most of the time.  (When this time hits for you, definitely take advantage of it!) 16w, The Swiss Wife Style The day before we hit 17 weeks, we revealed the sex of our baby: It's a boy!  The Swiss Wife StyleAround 17ish weeks, I thought I could start to feel him moving…a little after 18, I was sure I was feeling him.  The doctor confirmed that my placenta was in the back, thus making it easier to feel him move. At 21 weeks, we announced his name: 21 weeks, and name announcement.  The Swiss Wife Style Around this time, I was feeling monstrously hungry!! 21 weeks, hungry all the time!  The Swiss Wife StyleAt 22 weeks we had our anatomy scan, and everything looked great. 22 weeks anatomy scan, The Swiss Wife StyleDuring Easter Weekend, we took a little Babymoon to Cannes. Babymoon in Cannes, France.  The Swiss Wife StyleEaster Egg Belly, The Swiss Wife Style During week 25, we took a tour of the maternity ward in the Clinic where I will deliver: 25w04d, The Swiss Wife Style At 26 weeks, I got to see this:

My sweet boy!  The Swiss Wife Style

I mean, can you even?! I can’t. ;oP

Along the way, I’ve enjoyed dressing my new body. 26w05d, The Swiss Wife Style On April 28, I hit 28 weeks, putting me into the 3rd trimester!  And we went to see Avengers :) 28w01d, The Swiss Wife Style Also that week, we finally shopped for baby room furniture, and started getting his room ready! Picking up the baby furniture, the Swiss Wife Style At 29 weeks, we decided to give the baby his own Facebook group, because we were starting to get a bit out of control already with our posts ;) 29w, The Swiss Wife Style At our 30 week appointment, we found out he was still breech, and discussed some options.  Although still plenty of time and room for him to turn at that point… 30w, The Swiss Wife Style Also that week, we showed of our baby room progress to the in-laws:


I actually sewed new covers for that glider!

21288_10155520326000008_4810717134611331915_n 10527494_10153888534824148_3661719703951209225_n 11209749_10155520329035008_3913144182146162219_n 11234806_10153888533749148_5908999429947072083_n 11248147_10153888534404148_2024363238517853469_n 11295748_10153888534029148_7106721491678618749_n 11295885_10153888535159148_6418461809840041335_n I have shopped, a lot!

Can you tell our theme?  We're going for

Can you tell our theme? We’re going for “vintage beach.”

Around 32 weeks, I seriously wondered how it was possible that I could get any bigger! 32w01d, The Swiss Wife StyleAnd just yesterday at 32w, 5 days; we had our maternity shoot!  And the photographer sent us these sneak-peeks already! 11281107_10152969196913348_702759771_o 11281552_10152969197173348_423988690_o 11293369_10152969196958348_304309313_o 11293399_10152969196768348_550042365_o 11294293_10152969197283348_1801479687_o 11296527_10152969196998348_546578271_o 11297491_10152969196988348_570155616_o 11327407_10152969196763348_159244870_o Well there you have it!  You’re all caught up :) I’m still taking daily blood-thinning injections.  Supposed to stop at 34 weeks (next week!)  And then continue with Aspirin until 36 weeks. I’m increasingly uncomfortable, as you can imagine.  But not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for it!  Sleeping is the worst part, it’s pretty hard to get comfortable in bed!  My giant pregnancy pillow helps. My belly button is still in!  And no stretch marks YET!  (Knock on wood!) At my last appointment, I had gained 28 lbs.  I’m sure it’s over 30 by now!  The baby has been measuring bigger than average each time.  (But no gestational diabetes or anything.) Then and Now, The Swiss Wife Style My next appointment is next week, so we should find out if he has turned by then or not. In the past week, his movements have changed.  It’s hard to explain.  But I hear it’s normal around now. If you want to follow me on IG, you can at BettiB10. Ok, random stream of thoughts over!  As always, I’ll try to be better about posting!  ;oP


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